Crisodora was born from the creative collaboration between Lorenzo Dipani and Giancarlo Sangari, Sicilian artists and designers. The name chosen is the result of the fusion between two ancient Greek words χρυσος [chrysos] (gold, golden) and δῶρον [doron] (gift, gift), from whose union derives the meaning of the gift of great value. That is, everything that Lorenzo and Giancarlo create in their workshop: unique pieces in hand-painted ceramic.

"An authentic craftsman takes care first of what he himself is becoming during the execution of a work, aware that each creation will be a reflection of him"

Lorenzo Dipani

Born into art, he grew up observing his father: a painter and engraver. The artistic inspiration leads him to complete his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Palermo.

He experimented with various restoration techniques, later specializing in painting. He uses this technique every day, creating every product by hand. From the decoration sketch up to the actual realization of the tile.

Giancarlo Sangari

Visionary designer, always looking for beauty, synonymous with craftsmanship. According to Giancarlo, creativity is an intrinsic element. His career as an interior designer led him to work for large luxury design brands.

Then, a return to the origins with academic training in sculpture. Two sides of the same coin create contemporary and elegant projects.


Since its early stages, the focus of the founders’ artistic activity is manifested through the craftsmanship 
terracotta, tradition of which Sicily has been the bearer since ancient times.
Crisodora believes in authentic craftsmanship, Italian craftsmanship of excellence and the care that this requires for its realization. In this union between art and design come to life timeless creations that are able to inspire the imagination and allow the contemporary man to regain a magical vision of the world.

To such a aim, fairy tales, folk tales, mythology and ancient cultures are the main sources of inspiration. The intent is to propose all in a contemporary capacity, taking into account the current context and using a sought-after communication,
as a vehicle of beauty as well as an instrument of reflection, becoming an integral part of every

Care to detail and attention to each product are the elements that distinguish a Made in Italy artisan production from an industrial one. Each Crisodora collection is handmade, comes from inspirations from afar, and has its roots in the nuances of an ancient land, rich in cultures and archetypes.

Pottery, lava stone, and colored enamels are the elements that give life to artistic ceramics. Each product is in compliance with the ancient production techniques in Sicily: first baking of the so-called “biscotto” (literally “biscuit”, that is a terracotta object), and subsequent second firing, enameling, drawings created with a dusting technique similar to the frescos. Finally, the freehand decoration on fresh enamel. That is why each product is a real work of art in miniature.

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